We all want our children to have a happy and joy filled life, but sadly we cannot guarantee this will be the case. We live in a chaotic world and life is very hard.  So what are we to do? As Christians it is our responsibility to search the scriptures and find out what it means to have true, biblical joy.  We need to grow in our understanding of what joy is, from God’s perspective, so that we can teach our children that the only guarantee that we have in life is what we find in Him. True joy can only come from knowing and trusting God. 

Even though this will take a lifetime to learn, we have the privilege of knowing God for ourselves, finding our joy in Him, and then passing it on to our children. Isn’t it amazing to imagine what it would be like if we could fill our lives and homes with all that our children need to learn the very thing that will help them to persevere in their walk with God, for a lifetime?  

I am offering you 50 things that you can do to help your children learn about Biblical joy in a FREE download! Just click HERE and download your copy!

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