Yesterday I turned 59. How is that possible? 1 year away from 60. (Excuse me while I sit with my head between my knees and hyperventilate into a paper bag!)

My dear friend Kelly told me, “You either get older or you die!” So, I’m another year older. I feel incredibly blessed! I feel incredibly old.

I woke up yesterday and had my morning coffee over FaceTime with my mom. Then I got a call from a friend whose husband has been given a very difficult diagnosis, a call from a friend who wanted to share an awesome answer to prayer, and a call from my sister. A dear friend sent me a Starbucks gift card and since she and I couldn’t meet for coffee and solve all the problems of the world (because she lives too far away) I treated my boyfriend-for-life to coffee. Later we had dinner as a family.

Life doesn’t stop because we have a birthday. Each day is filled with good things like answered prayers, good coffee, FaceTime, family dinners, and people who check in “Just because.” But each day is also filled with loved ones who get a difficult diagnosis, friends that live too far away, grieving widows who are having a hard day, and aging bodies that don’t match how we feel on the inside. All of these things, good & not so good, can be used to draw us closer to God—-in thanksgiving and in need.

Today I draw near to Him in both. I am thankful but I am so needful. Blessed to be getting older but also more needful as the years pass.

And so I dip my toe into year 60, a little hesitant to wade in too deep, not sure of what is beyond the surface of what I see and know today. Yet, I have confidence in the One who has been my life preserver through all of these years.

Soli Deo gloria.

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