Friendship lost.

The consequences of thinking I was needed, that I could make a difference, that I could make an impact, and not heeding cautions given.

The storm settles and there is a calm in the learning. Seeing clearly. Finally seeing clearly. The sky is bluer and the rain made things greener. Richer. Brighter.  I rejoice that the storm is over and in the fragrance of new growth! But there is grief for what has been lost and for the destruction. The consequences that followed the storm. The storm that came because I did not heed the warnings that a storm was inevitable.

Sometimes this is what it takes for me to see growth. A storm, consequences, and then I finally see. And I pray that I won’t forget.

So, I continue to walk through the destruction – and the beauty – that was left by the storm. The new growth is beautiful. It is breathtaking. I want to take a picture, frame it, and hang it where it will always be in my view!

In this journey called life I am joined by people who have a need. People who do not need me. They do not need my wisdom. They do not need me to make a difference or an impact.

  • They need God.
  • They need me to whisper His name.
  • They need me to put my hands on both sides of their face and gently direct their gaze from looking at me – to looking at God.

Like Jonathan did for David in 1 Samuel, they need me to rise, go to them, and strengthen their hand in God, and then they need me to leave them so that they do not focus on me – but on God. If they focus on me I will fail and disappoint them. They will see inconsistency and hypocrisy. They will become disillusioned and angry. Not because I want to be that way, but because I am in a process of being conformed into His image…but I am not completely like Him yet.

What is better? To focus on and become dependent on someone who is becoming LIKE him, or to focus on and become dependent on HIM?

It takes humility and self-denial for me to point you to Him and to tell you the truth. The truth is that I am not the one you need. He is the one you need. My prideful heart wants you to focus on me and to need me. It wants to have all the answers and to think I can make an impact or make a difference. Humility tells you that only He can do that. Only Him.

Humility strengthens your hand in God!

Ahhh! I breath in the fragrance of Truth. Truth made clearer because of the storm. And I confess my sin of wanting others to need me.  I pray that I would glorify Him and point others to Him alone, that I would walk in a manner worthy of the gospel, and that I would strengthen their hands in GOD!

And I sing:
Not to us, O Lord, not unto us, but to thy name give glory! While all heaven unites in the chorus, Worthy is the Lamb. Worthy is the Lamb. Worthy is the Lamb!”

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