People slowly make their way into the church sanctuary and find a place to sit. Sleepy babies are dropped off safely in the care of waiting nursery workers. The pastor makes his final adjustments to his sermon, the worship leader tunes his guitar,  people eagerly greet each other as they make room for their family or friends. We stand to our feet as the music begins. Young children sit, mindlessly staring at those around them, playing with small toys their parents have allowed them to bring. A little girl decides she wants to get a drink of water and tugs at her mother’s shirt.

A toddler suddenly darts down the aisle to the front, her mother running close behind her.

We work to focus, calm our hearts and minds, and fight distractions. The worship leader strums a wrong cord on the guitar. Someone sings off key. A man to the left begins to worship loudly – two teenaged girls try to stifle their giggles. A woman on the back row shakes a tambourine to the beat of the music.

We are offering what we have.  This is worship in human form.  Our thoughts, distractions, and the chaos of our differencesIs this feeble, imperfect, A.D.D. offering of worship acceptable to God?  With the diversity in ages, cultures, music preferences, and worship styles – hands raised, bowed heads, closed eyes – What does God really hear?

We  join as one body to worship. God is so kind to provide the Holy Spirit – our mediator. He sifts our worship, and all that comes from a pure, open, and repentant heart, and helps us to respond to God.  He graciously energizes our worship as He glorifies Himself!

And somehow our chaos is united,  miraculously changed,  offered to God,  and received as acceptable.

A sweet smelling savor.

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