He’s a middle child and is very sensitive. Something happened that hurt his feelings, so I pulled him as close as I possibly could and tried to comfort him. He is so precious.

His mom snapped this photo and sent it to me later. I love it!

In many ways I am just like him. I’m a middle child and have always taken everything very much to heart. I can get my feelings hurt pretty easily. Years and God’s Word have taught me how to process, sift, and pray over the things that affect me. Most of the time I’m able to come to an objective or grace filled conclusion.

But there are those times when I end up feeling like my friend in this photo and God invites me to draw near to Him. He pulls me as close to Him as He possibly can and He comforts me. Sometimes He uses a person to comfort me and sometimes He uses His promises.

My friend and I aren’t that different. We both need to be held. Comforted. Reminded that we are loved. I’m thankful that I could hold him and be a physical reminder to him of how precious he is.

I love that we can be used by God to provide comfort to those who are hurting. That our words can make a difference. That we can pull a person in and remind them of how precious they are.

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