Legalism. Rigid. Rules. Everyone looks the same. Little diversity.

Working. Working. Striving. Criticizing.

Do things the way we do them. We know what is best.

Structure. Rules. Do’s and don’ts. 

Everything is in black and white.

Open wide the curtains and swing the windows open wide.

Let the aroma of grace drift in.

Breathe in fresh grace and allow it to consume you.

Peer out the window and witness the color.

Oh! The colors! They’re beautiful! Refreshing! Life drifts into the room.

Freedom. Diversity. Lots and lots of color!

 Acceptance. Grace. Mercy. Holiness.

We are different. Unique. Let’s celebrate our differences!

Laugh out loud. Dance a little!

Open up the church doors and let the world hear and see HIM as we love each other.

Open up the doors of your home and give yourself away.

Listen to the music. Lots and lots of music!

See the gospel transform others and add color! 

See the gospel expressions in our differences! 

God’s artwork in each person.His grace is changing us.

Rejoice as He brings us to life and adds color.

Rejoice! Live life together!

Notice the beauty of God in each person who is made in His image.

Pray out loud and lift your hands.

Celebrate the people in your home.  Live out the gospel in color.

Breathing in the life and color that is around us is a gift,

an opportunity for us to glorify our Maker.

He didn’t make us in black and white.

He made us in color!

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